Our ethos has always celebrated women as brilliant alone but better together.


When we say together we intend to celebrate all relationships that benefit and enrich our lives, whether that be a best friend a partner or even your own internal support system.


To begin the festivities we are honouring our most faithful companions who have covered all of the above at one point or another.
Let's raise a paw for our faithful pups.

Name: Julie and Gia
Occupation: Managing director of AQ/AQ
Hometown: Lincolnshire
Breed: Labradoodle
Wearing: Truman trousers & Zoey top


How has having a dog enriched your life?

Being out & about with your dog in London not only keeps you fit & healthy, it’s a good sense of community, I’ve met some great people & their dogs living in Islington, dog owners genuinely are good people!


Best piece of Dog advice?

Get two!

You can follow @julie.lingard and @gia.the.model.dog here.

Name: Eloise Chong-Gargette & Scrap
Occupation: Model
Hometown: London
Breed: Yorkshire Terrier and Jack Russell mix
Wearing: The Adelia Jumpsuit


What's your favourite dog breed and why?

Would definitely have to be a wire fox terrier they were very popular during the 1930's and 40's I loved and watched a lot of these films as a child so has always been a breed that I have had an affinity for.


You can follow Eloise and scraps adventures on Instagram @eloisecg

Name: Caroline Towning and Pegasus
Occupation: Artist
Hometown: London
Breed: Whippet
Wearing: Jocelyn Jacket


What's the first thing you think your dog would ask you if they could speak?

Probably a list of demands.


How has having a dog changed your life?

In every way, just going for a walk every day, the people you meet its like networking but with dogs its... petworking!

Catch the exploits of Caroline and pegasus on Instagram @carolinetowningart

Name: Emily Hunt & Ella
Hometown: Bath
Occupation: Blogger
Breed: Unknown
Wearing: Livia trousers and Zoey top


How did you and Ella come together?

Originally I was in the process of adopting a dog from Sri Lanka but unfortunately, there were unforeseeable issues, so as soon as I got back to London I got in contact with the Wild At Heart Foundation and organized the rescue of Ella from Cyprus honestly one of the best choices I have ever made.


If you could take Ella on the perfect canine holiday where would it be?

I would love to take her skiing she has never seen snow and I think she would adore it.


Follow the escapades of Emily and Ella on Instagram @londonblogger_


Name: Ursula and Hugo
Occupation: Founder of Phodography
Hometown: Hertfordshire
Breed: Golden retriever
Wearing: The Adorelee knit dress


Most people say not to work with animals why have you made this choice?

They say never work with animals and yet I have spent the last 5 years of my life doing just that and couldn't be happier. It gives me great joy to capture the incredible bond people have with their dogs, each relationship is entirely unique and yet when expressed in a photograph it is one that we all know.


You can follow Hugo and Ursula's picture perfect bond on Instagram @hugoandursula

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