Extra AF is a brand where style and sustainability meet. 



A lot of fashion brands say they’re sustainable. But do they really mean it?



Big brands who do nothing for the environment are the catalyst of Extra AF's inception.They're a brand that does it all. One that puts fashion, people and the planet first – on an even keel.



With styles that are 80% sustainable, using fabrics like lyocell and BCI cotton.



 Styles that are made by skilled dressmakers in factories which put employee wellbeing first, and are shipped from Europe via road, not air.



Because looking amazing doesn’t have to come at the cost of the environment.



Here at AQ/AQ we only bring you brands that share our vision,

with mutual respect for ethics and real commitments to sustainability.



We caught up with Director of Extra AF, Belal Muhammad


to see how 2020 has been for the brand and to get a

little insight into his passion for sustainability.

Why is sustainability so important to you?



Sustainability has always had a negative connotation when it came to fashion; it's believed to be either a compromise with boring

styles and nude/simple colours or too overpriced which is why ExtraAF, as a sustainable brand, is and always will be trend-led.


No one wants a finger wagged in their face to be more sustainable and that is why I believe if the sustainable work is done and


people are provided with a platform to choose from trend-led pieces, they are more likely to demand for more sustainable clothes.


This demand will push suppliers to switch to more sustainable and eco-conscious methods which in turn will change the fashion

industry as a whole. 





Can you tell us about any new projects you have coming up?




2020 has really helped put things in perspective for me. I am very passionate about sustainability especially in the fashion world


and so I realized that it is better to be more focused on my designs and targeting.


Rather than trying to cover as big a market as I was doing initially, I should focus on menswear as this is a gap in the sustainable market.


This led me to start a new fashion line called Boikevich, I will be posting more about the ethos of Boikevich on our upcoming website www.boikevich.com and on instagram @boikevichlondon.





How have you survived 2020 from a fashion point of view?



I am someone who always tries to look for silver linings, 2020 being the year that ExtraAF was born and it had to be the toughest year for everyone across every industry.


Being a startup has its own ups and downs, as all startups do but being a sustainable startup during a pandemic has its own challenges which no one can anticipate.


I will not sit here and say it was easy or that we were not affected because ExtraAF truly was affected, from delays in the supply chain to uncertainty closer to home.


Having the support of a strong team and good communication is what got us through.


We talked as a team and as we are new we knew we needed more brand awareness to help tell our sustainability story.


We know collaborating is key and I was introduced to Jen and Julie through our supplier, we instantly hit it off and the idea for extra AF on AQAQ’s platform was hatched. 


Working with like-minded people and being part of a community to achieve a common objective has really helped. In these tough and trying times, we need the support of one another to help boost each other up, which is how we have survived and will continue to grow.


 Extra AF believes in full transparency because an honest industry is a progressing industry.



Being sustainable is more than petitions,


more than joining charities or waving banners,


it's more than designing a ‘sustainable range’, or righting past mistakes,


it’s more than just making promises to do better.


It means every single choice you have made as a company has sustainability at its heart from day one.









Instead of investing in huge runs, we only manufacture smaller, more exclusive designs.

Not only does this mean our customers are buying something more unique,

it also eliminates any wastefulness that comes with bigger runs.

And because there’s no waste, there’s no unused fabric going to the landfill.








By choosing factories that are closer to home we can ensure complete manufacturing transparency,

ethical working conditions, and a smaller footprint.









We only work with people who share our values.

And we’re proud to work with some of the best sustainability organisations on the planet.







At ExtraAF, we know that the beauty is in the details.

So as well as creating sustainable outfits,

we’ve made each and every one of our woven labels with 100% recycled polyester.






2020 sustainability report 


At ExtraAF, we can’t live without fashion,


but nobody can live without a sustainable future.


That’s why, in our first year,  we’re already 80% sustainable.


But 80% needs to be 100%.


And by every means necessary, we’ll make it happen.


Because we’re not just sustainable.


We’re sustainable AF.


Find out more @officiallyextraaf


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