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Read the AQ/AQ Little Havana - Miami Editorial

LITTLE HAVANA - MIAMI Photographed by Dave Alexander Written by Hannah Donovan

Our spring collection is inspired by Miami and it wouldn’t be Miami without
the Cuban influence that makes the city so unique. While the Cuban influence
is city wide, it is an enclave named Little Havana where life is most akin to
the original. And it’s here that you can experience the breadth of music,
food and art imported from the Caribbean island.
Read the AQ/AQ Little Havana - Miami Editorial
Walk down the main street of Calle Ocho and you’ll be met by Latin music,
the vivid smells of real Cuban cooking and the sociability of the sidewalks,
where painters and artists mingle with visiting tourists and old-timers.
The atmosphere in these streets inspired the Etira midi dress in cooling
mint with its Bardot frilled bodice.
Cuba gave the world the mojito, so it’s no surprise that you can get a mean
one in Little Havana. Then there’s Maximo Gomez Park where you’re likely to
spot a Panama hat, authentically worn to shade the domino player underneath
its brim. Cuban-inspired art, distinctive by its often bright palette, can
be spotted across the city; think Carman Herrera who is, granted, a New
Yorker hailing from Cuba proper, but whose colours can be found in the streets
of Miami. These colours inspired the Crystaline dress and Ivana top in vivid
orange rust.
Read the AQ/AQ Little Havana - Miami Editorial
It is the sensory vibrancy of life of Little Havana that we pay homage to
with certain spring pieces – statement dresses in invigorating shades evening
dresses with ruffled sleeves – dressy but unforced. Movement throughout the
spring collection, created by pleats and flowing fabrics, echo the rhythms of
the Latin music that play soundtrack to the streets.

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