• Full Time Supervisor London

      37.5 Hours/Week

      The ideal candidate will have comprehensive experience within the retail environment and big ambition and desire to progress within the company. They will be a role model in our team and a vital support to the Store Manager. They will need to be a dedicated, hardworking and motivated individual who can drive a successful team with exceptional customer service skills.

      Key responsibilities

      • They will be very well organised.
      • To maintain a high level of customer care and floor standards.
      • Offer tailored advice to customers utilising specialist product knowledge and introducing link sales.
      • To manage, motivate and push staff sales and report all activity to Managers. This includes staff appearance, punctuality, behaviour and give any relevant training to individuals that is needed. To succeed in this, you will need to be an approachable person in order to provide the correct guidance to staff.
      • Analyse weekly sales; looking into ways to increase and maximise sales. This will include looking at new incentives, promotion ideas and uniforms for staff.
      • Conduct daily floor walks inside and outside of the store individually and with other members of staff and ensuring all checklists are completed to a high standard by staff.
      • Run motivating morning meetings with staff on a daily basis to ensure all staff members are up to date with store and personal targets, current or upcoming promotions, delivery dates and best/worst sellers.

      For this role, previous supervisor or managerial experience is essential. Please also note that we do not offer work experience or internships in-store.

      If you would like to apply, please send your CV to